Pillar 1

Customer-based brand equity:  CUSTOMER-CENTRIC

  • Creating relationships & loyalty by providing functional, emotional, experiential and self- expressive benefits  to be known, held in high  esteem and be trusted
  • Achieving differentiation
  • Being constantly relevant


Pillar 2

Firm-based brand equity as a result of customer-based brand equity: ENHANCED ROI (IN THE LONG-RUN)

  • Brand as a strategic advantage
  • Increased efficieny of markeitng spending & higher ROI


Pillar 3

Leveraging the Brand: LEVERAGE

  • Introducing other products and services under the same umbrella brand
  • Creating sucessful spin-offs


Pillar 4

Being INNOVATION– focused:

  • Need to be innovative to continue to be known, held in high esteem, be differentiated and constantly relevant