Serdar Şenel

Serdar Senel is CEO and creative director of Bestimage Advertisement, Promotion and Consultancy JSC. He has provided consulting services to many organizations and companies in areas such as Visual Design and Branding, and created corporate brand identities to approximately 150 organizations along with carrying out their advertising and promotional activities. He completed his undergraduate, graduate education at Bahcesehir University, where he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Advertising and Public Relations. He won the jury’s special award at the international “melissa.ens (fre) “urbanité(s)” photograph competition held by France Melissa Institute in 2004 and participated in workshops regarding visual design at the Arts Academy of the Fort Hays State University. He has served as project coordinator and creative director responsible for the creation of corporate communication materials and visual identities of many International Conferences, Launchings, Fair Organizations and international media companies. He continues his work in areas such as Visual Design, Brand Management and Public Relations, Motion Graphic Design, Photography, Sound Design and in addition, is the Creative Executive for BAU Branding.