Brands in Motion
The triggering flagship forces of the new economy are brands and the value they create.
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Brand Innovation Manifesto

BBI – BAU Brand Innovation, “Brands in Motion”

The triggering flagship forces of the new economy are brands and the value they create. In these new times where the power of nations is assessed with the brands they create and where modern myths thrive in global currents among nations through brand narratives, we, as Bahcesehir University,  are founding BAU Brand Innovation.

Departing from the perspective of “Brands in motion” BBI is an initiative structured as a mechanism of added-value formation, innovation and think-tank for brands in terms of academic and sectoral growth. BBI’s mission has been described as increasing branding awareness on educational, research and application axis on the way of making the big leap towards an economy of higher added value in Turkey:

BBI leads the way on application-based branding research.

BBI introduces educational programs prepared by experts on national and international scales in order to cultivate state-of-the-art branding skills.

In order to cultivate global brands in Turkey, BBI brings professionals together both on national and international scales around hands-on projects.   

Targeting researchers, entrepreneurs, students interested in marketing / entrerpreneurship, brand, marketing executives and managers, BBI aims at developing innovative projects concerning brand management, brand equity assessment, brand positioning or repositioning, brand revitalization and brand discourse/narrative/story generation. Structured as a brand school meta-formation,  BBI’s differentiating points have been determined as data-based branding, introducing and developing the most up-to-date and effective theory, approach and applications and realizing multi-disciplinary methods.

Pivotal figures of branding field will take stage within the scope of BBI launch event and talk about the importance of brand value formation, brand functions, evaluations and value/leverage effects on a hands-on platform sharing their brands’ success stories.